Best Ways To Attract Anyone

Using Body Language
1. Present a neat appearance

Pay attention to how you will appear to others. Brush your hair, trim your facial hair and be sure to wash your face and neck before attending a social situation. If desired, use minimal makeup, and keep it natural for first impressions. Choose clothing colors and styles that compliment your figure but are not over flashy, skimpy or inappropriate (don’t wear a suit to a casual encounter or jeans to a formal event) for the event or meeting you will be attending.

2. Smile

Smiling can help keep you in a positive mood, and people will be more willing to approach a person who seems friendly and is enjoying themselves. Be sure not to smile immediately when you meet someone, though. First, pause and look at the person’s face when greeting them, then smile warmly and let it show in your eyes as well. This makes them feel as if your smile is meant only for them.

3. Make eye contact

When you make eye contact with someone, it signals that you are wanting to connect and are approachable. If you are interested in someone, occasionally look at them, no matter who is talking, to show that you want to see how they react. During conversations, hold eye contact for as long as is comfortable.

  • One trick is to pretend your eyes are glued to the other person’s eyes with sticky taffy. Don’t break eye contact until a few moments after they are done speaking. Slowly and reluctantly look away, pretending like you are stretching the sticky taffy between you until it breaks.
  • Another trick is to count the number of times the other person blinks while you are having a conversation.
  • Know that some people may be uncomfortable with this type of attention. If you notice that the other person seems to be reacting negatively to your behavior or seems nervous, break eye contact more often .
4. Turn your body toward the person

People pay attention to the way you act towards them. When you first meet someone, turn your body completely toward them so you face them directly. When you turn toward someone this way, it tells the other person that you feel they are very special

5. Don’t fidget

Moving around a lot or using frequent hand motions near your face can make the other person feel unimportant or that you are anxious to get the conversation over with. It can even give the impression that you can’t be trusted. Earn credibility by keeping your eyes on the other person during the conversation and not fidgeting, twitching, wiggling, squirming, hair-twirling or scratching.

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